Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No Pho Ref

I'm a sketchbook nut. I got tons of 'em. Unlike a lot of sketchbook nuts out there, however, I'm actually pretty good about filling mine to the brim with drawings and, occasionally, text.

Today I'll give you a peek at one of my smaller-sized Moleskine sketchbooks. This one is so small that it can fit into my front shirt pocket, actually. I'm calling this one No Pho Ref because the artwork within is based on no photographic reference whatsoever. Everything you see is from my crazy noggin. So, it's a bit of a throwback, really, to my older, goofier, cartoonier sketchbooks from way back in high school and college.

So check it out, peeps, and enjoy the return of ridiculous, half-witted super-hero extraordinaire BILL and his boy wonder sidekick RYAN! You'll live to regret it!

On another note, it seems that someone ponied up some dough and addressed the bandwidth issue for The Kamikaze Snowmen's Kamikaze Snowcast! Yay! This means all the music links should now be active again for download and/or subscription! So scroll down and subscribe immediately, true believers! Or die a hideous and painful death!

I'm out!

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