Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stop, Drop, And Roll, Stupids!

Just some random work doodles and bizarre sketches above. Nothing to get worked up over. I'm working on some much better drawings elsewhere, but they're just not ready to show just yet. Just assume that they're awesome masterpieces, would you?

Finally saw the Nicolas Cage flick Knowing. I like what director Alex Proyas did with it. In fact, he was my main reason for seeing it, as he directed The Crow and Dark City. Ultimately, though, the whole thing felt like a really slow build-up to what we all knew was coming. I mean - wasn't it pretty obvious from about 10 or 15 minutes in what it was all about? Pretty preachy stuff, to be sure (and how many MIT professors are as dumb as Cage's character acts?), but any movie that ends with a full-on global apocalypse is okay by me (that shouldn't be a spoiler if you've seen any of the trailers). Regardless, it's merely an okay movie with some cool ideas, but a little on the slow side. The two hour running time could've easily been chopped into a lean 80 or 90 minutes and no one would've missed much. Still, that single-shot airline crash scene was pretty freakin' sweet, no? I just kept thinking, though, that all those people running around screaming on fire really should've just stopped, dropped, and rolled, but what do I know? And, of course, global devastation always rules. Go watch the full trailer for 2012 if you're not convinced of that basic cinematic rule. The Apocalypse puts butts in seats.

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