Saturday, July 25, 2009

Misinformation and Scheduling Conflicts

I've embedded below for your listening pleasure The Kamikaze Snowmen's (featuring amazing guitarist Rob Ashe) infinitely enjoyable "Scheduling Conflict". This one was, I believe, written, performed and recorded by Josh Trumbo and Paul Tebben (with the aforementioned guitarist extraordinaire Rob Ashe). If you've been keeping up with the 'Snowmen's Facebook page, you'll understand the story behind the song. Again, here's a link where you can dig the juicy details in a VH1 Behind the Music kinda way:

And I know I got over-excited and told everybody that my new song "Torso" was finished in the wee hours and would be released today, but Torso's release has been delayed until next week in lieu of the uber-wonderful and seemingly aptly-titled "Scheduling Conflict," which I defy you not to enjoy. Sorry for the confusion. Listen to the Snowmen really shred, though! It's an amazing song. I think it really stretches the band's range and I am among what I can only assume will be many, many fans. (I say this as I, once again, had nothing to do with this particular song's creation, but remain a fervent fan). This baby's going on repeat. Enjoy! And stay tuned to the Kamikaze Snowcast for God knows what else, including next week's tune "Torso" by yours truly.

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