Friday, October 7, 2011

OCTOBER 2011 HORROR SKETCH 6 and 7 - The Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn

HOLY CRAP, I missed a day! Sorry, I've been super busy with all sorts of madness that I won't get into here.

So, because I missed a day, you're getting TWO MOVIE SKETCHES for the PRICE OF NOTHING! Because, really - because of the internet, no one pays for artwork anymore, do they? And just because that very idea has dispirited me at the moment, you're going to have settle for drawings I did a while ago that you may (or may not have) already seen. But they're good ones.

Well that and, also, because I'm super busy, so you're going to have to put up with two older sketches and, admittedly, they're both taken from the second Evil Dead film, but, hey, those movies aren't exactly obscure (well, not anymore they're not due to the multitude of DVD and BluRay reissues they've got floating around), so I don't think I have to do any plot synopses, do I? Do I really? Is there anyone reading this right now who hasn't actually seen these two movies and their towering, amazing third part Army of Darkness (formerly titled The Medieval Dead)?

Sam Raimi's a genius, these movies are awesome, and if you haven't seen any of them, I suggest starting with the second one - Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn - because it's essentially a higher budgeted remake of the first film, and it leads straight into Army of Darkness. So watch those back to back. If you want more (low-budget) awesomeness, then check out the first film afterwards.

But, hey, I know you guys reading are cool and have already seen these movies, because these movies are ABSOLUTELY AWESOME in every conceivable way.

If you haven't watched them by the time I get back you are lame. I'm serious. You're a lame, lamey lame-o. Take that, people-who-haven't-seen-awesomeness.

In honor of my favorite holiday Halloween, every day this October here on BRAIN POOP I'm going to provide a sketch and a little info from an obscure (and maybe not-so-obscure) horror movie that I love! EVERY SINGLE DAY of October! Stay tuned!

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