Sunday, October 2, 2011

OCTOBER 2011 HORROR SKETCH 2 - Bloody Pit of Horror

Behold! The Crimson Executioner! Bloody Pit of Horror (1965), yet another Italian masterpiece of crap (original title Il Boia Scarlatto), is a big mess of a movie, but a lot of fun.

Revived when a photo crew dismantles a seal to a coffin in an old,dark castle dungeon they're shooting in, The Crimson Executioner's spirit possesses the body of the castle's owner and torture chamber goodness ensues with hot chicks, stupid guys, and a muscle-bound buffoon stalking and killing pretty much everyone (Mickey Hargitay - Mariska's dad and Jayne Mansfield's husband - before she was beheaded in a terrible car accident, of course. I can't imagine he'd be her husband when she had no head afterwards).

This kitschy piece of 60's shlock is (unintentionally) hilarious and fun! Check out Bloody Pit of Horror if you ever have the chance. It's a wild ride, and stupid as hell!

In honor of my favorite holiday Halloween, every day this October here on BRAIN POOP I'm going to provide a sketch and a little info from an obscure (and maybe not-so-obscure) horror movie that I love! EVERY SINGLE DAY of October! Stay tuned!

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