Monday, October 3, 2011


Yes, that's a little girl who just got her head blown off! Yes, it's in extreme close-up in this outrageous Italian masterpiece The Beyond (1981) (AKA L'aldilĂ , AKA Seven Doors of Death) by director Lucio Fulci (I realize this October thing is quickly becoming more about Italian horror movies then plain old horror movies, but - hey - I love 'em!).

The Beyond is a weird-ass, trippy, but beautiful horror movie set in during the renovation of a Louisiana hotel that lies over one of the seven gates of Hell. It's a loose sequel to Fulci's City of the Living Dead, and was followed by the last "gates of Hell" Fulci movie House by the Cemetery, (also 1981), which I don't dig too much.

The Beyond was beloved so much by Quentin Tarantino, that he actually got midnight screenings of it going in 1998 and it made a respectable $1 million during its run. A lot of money for a 1981 gore movie that no one's heard of, yeah?

But, boy, this movie brings the weirdness. Everything you like (or don't like) about Fulci reigns supreme in this sucker, and it's best to go into it with no preconceptions regarding plot. Because there really isn't much of one - if there is, it's definitely non-linear and uses a lot of dream logic. There are zombies, alchemists, satanic painters, a blind woman with a ferocious dog, and killer tarantulas(!). The movie has everything, and it's beautifully shot from beginning to end with tremendous atmostphere. It's like if David Lynch made a gore movie - this would be the one. Forget about logic and coherence, and just go with it! Yeah, baby!

In honor of my favorite holiday Halloween, every day this October here on BRAIN POOP I'm going to provide a sketch and a little info from an obscure (and maybe not-so-obscure) horror movie that I love! EVERY SINGLE DAY of October! Stay tuned!

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