Monday, June 20, 2011

Joshua M. Trumbo Tells All!

...well, almost much all, about THE KAMIKAZE SNOWMEN on a very good friend (Nate Sjol's) PAST FORWARD podcast. (go here for other episodes of this great series)

Learn the Kamikaze Snowmen's super secrets of recording acts of genius! Learn how Terry Brown (me, suckas) knows these two gentlemen scholars, and how they all met and interacted well over ten years ago! Learn far too much about Joshua M. Trumbo's personal life! Learn salty, seedy stories and devious deeds involving 10-year-old live performances, college radio, and MORE!


But, mostly, just listen to a very smart, funny and thoughtful conversation between two friends about their past and present. And, most importantly, about how the "greatest band in the world" THE KAMIKAZE SNOWMEN got their start and continue to do so!

I would embed this glorious thing, but the embedding thing is giving me problems, so

GO HERE! and press play!

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