Thursday, June 2, 2011

2011 Phoenix Comicon Pics!

Ahhhh, Phoenix Comicon. How I love thee. Here are some pics of, you know, stuff from the Con!

I'll start with our table set up before the exhibition hall opened. It looked a little something like this:

Then, after the exhibition hall opened, we pretty instantly sold The Punisher painting, hence the Boba Fett hanging in it's place. Here are the pics of the lovely me with the lovelier Melissa Fischer hangin' at the booth.

My favorite pic, below, of us smiling our asses off. It was so fun being there!

And, of course, I couldn't resist a boobkiss. Or am I merely kissing the Punisher's skull? You be the judge!

The wonderful Jason Muzzin, who assisted us at every turn during the convention. A man to be praised, but don't tell him I said that. Then he'd expect praise all the time. And I'm stingy on praise.

Now I just want to show you the scope of the exhibition hall. It's even bigger in person, as this is just one angle on a huge, huge, ginormous place:

Here is the cutest kid in the world dressed up like a TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space for those of you who are not Doctor Who initiated):

And, for all you Ghostbusters fans, IT'S VIIIIIGGO! That bigass painting (or a print of it) was there fullsize, and it was awesome. Also in attendance from Ghostbusters, but not pictured, were Ernie Hudson and William (Walter Peck) Atherton (also in Real Genius and Die Hard 1 and 2)!

Two awesome kids swung by the table showing off their Green Arrow and Green Lantern costumes. Awesome stuff! Everybody was having such a good time!

And last, but certainly not least as far as the costumes go, I present you with my favorite costume of the Con. BARF. I even asked him what his full name was when he came by my table, and he enthusiastically and proudly replied, "Bartholomew!" Those Mogs...

Finally, here are a few requests and commissions I drew for fans while I was there.

First up - a woman begged me day after day for a picture of the rather obscure but wonderful movie Bubba Ho-Tep. And I finally delivered with this:

Then a cute little girl wanted a watercolor Supergirl, so I whipped this up for her:

Then, my favorite commission of the bunch. A smart young fellow asked for a Matt Smith Doctor Who (fez on his head and all) surrounded by something Day of the Dead related (not the Romero movie, but the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday). So I whipped this one up for him:

The Convention was a mighty fun affair for all! I had a blast! I apologize for not posting any pictures of the huge-boobed, scantily clad women walking around in superhero outfits, but pics of the hundreds of beautiful ladies are out there, floating in the ether of the interwebs for those who are so inclined.

What a blast, though. Enjoy the pics!

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