Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't Pout, I'm A Born-Again Snowman Soon!

YES, IT'S TRUE! I will be appearing live, onstage with the the other remaining members of the most glorious band in the entire universe THE KAMIKAZE SNOWMEN (previous members who died tragically in fiery plane crashes, automobile wrecks, and sudden bridge collapses will not be attending) for one night only at The Nestor Tavern in Fargo, ND on Friday, February 26th at 8pm for ROFLMANIA 2.

It's the first time in almost 5 years that the band will be together again in one place. Mainly, that's because the same matter can't occupy the same space - we're still worried about creating another unfortunate time/space paradox - and also because there was a big ordeal over who killed who's hooker way back in 2005. For the record, I killed my friend Ralph Dinsdale's hooker with the assistance of Josh Trumbo and Paul Tebben, but only after we all realized it could jeopardize Dinsdale's future political campaign. I wouldn't say the band "broke up", but we had some differences in a VH1-Behind-the-Music-kinda-way, and we went our separate ways. There were tears and many, many corpses left in the trail of the great Kamikaze Snowmen.

And now, due to popular demand (or merely the fact that airfare isn't as expensive as it should be at the moment), I will be returning to join the band in a rare, exclusive, one-time only extravaganza which will rock your balls (those without balls will be provided balls at the Nestor Tavern with which to rock).

I'm so excited to see my good friends again and have a good time making a fool of ourselves in front of a number of strangers. Ah. That's the stuff.

Please be there - everybody - or attend in spirit (I'm looking at you, Ralph Dinsdale's hooker).

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