Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Saw the sixth and most recent Harry Potter movie. It made very little sense to me and was extremely long. It did have its moments, but I really hate that they've gotten to a point where they've just ignored the audiences who haven't read the books. The thing I liked about the other movies was that you didn't need to read the books to enjoy them. In this one, though, there were so many loose ends and questions and, at times, complete incoherence. And there was little or no, just, I don't know - general cohesiveness. Just what in the hell happened during this movie is anyone's guess. I'm not sure there was a story at all (certainly no beginning, middle or end, but rather a series of sometimes unrelated events), and lots of characters either making googly eyes at each other or simply walking down long seemingly never-ending corridors for chunks of time. The movie really could've had an hour cut out of it and been all the better for it.

To be fair, once again - it did have it's moments. And I like the other movies in the series, but this one just seemed to be missing a lot of ingredients. Like an editor.

I did, however, manage to follow it up with District 9, and that movie made everything else I've seen this summer pale in comparison (granted, I haven't seen too many movies this summer). It's absolutely great. Go see it immediately! It'll really rock you in ways you didn't think were possible.

Okay. I think that's it for now. Toodles, all!

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