Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Supernatural: Bobby and Crowley

Long time no see, folks!

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The brand new, just-finished print above will premiere exclusively at the 2012 San Antonio Texas Comicon coming up in just two short weeks. And, yes, the people playing Bobby (Jim Beaver, also of Deadwood fame) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard, also of Battlestar, Doctor Who, Firefly and Burn Notice fame) WILL be there! How cool is that, fellow Supernatural fans? Very is the answer. And to boot - I'm going to have them sign the originals if I can find the time.

More Supernatural pieces to come!

Check out my Facebook (here or here) for more info on the past two weeks' worth of conventions. 'Tis the season, that's for sure! Albuquerque treated us incredibly well, and I'll be showing the zillions of convention sketches here on this very blog very soon. Until then - stay Supernaturally!

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If you would like to purchase originals, prints, or commission artwork, you can contact me at terbybrown@yahoo.com

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