Saturday, November 28, 2009

While I Was Away

Huzzah! I've returned from the Deep South safely and soundly! Above are a few doodles I did during the trip here and there. They're pretty random. Nothing spectacular.

I got to watch New Moon, and it's a million times better than its predecessor Twilight, which really ain't saying much. But it was so much better, and stayed faithful to the source material. I was really happy with it.

Also finally caught 2012, and it's a pretty great disaster movie as far as disaster movies go. Yeah, it's completely preposterous, but who cares when the world is ending?! It's great entertainment, though a bit on the long side.

Also saw the Pixar flick Up and was amazed at how good it was. It really hits you pretty hard with the sadness and then the funny. A realy great flick.

Also watched the first season of Castle with Nathan Fillion, and I must admit that I'm hooked. Really great stuff.

Finally saw a few epidodes of HBO's True Blood and the jury's still out until I see some more. I did enjoy what I saw, though.

Anywho - I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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